Whats behind that Fence?

            Near my grandparents house was a fenced off area that had a posting                                        “NO TRESPASSING VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED”.                                                                                                                                                                                      As a child I am not sure if I even knew what that meant. I do know my grandpa would tell me never to go out there.  There was a certain level of exhilaration my friends and I would experience when crawling into that “forbidden land”. I am still not sure what was out there that was so forbidden. It was just hills, dirt, and cactus. There was a road that a truck would drive on sometimes that would cause even more exhilaration. There were also rumors among the neighborhood kids of flesh eating pigs and mountain lions. All this unknown made it quite an adventure.

As all of us would grow up we would stop going over there. There was no longer a sense of adventure. The child like faith of finding something never before seen dwindled. The Fear was gone.

My entire childhood was spent being corralled. Ask any of my teacher’s and they could tell you I was a problem. “sit down” “be quiet” “raise your hand” “no chewing gum”. I think my entire 8th grade year was spent in detention.

What I learned was to obey and to conform and to be brought under authority. All great lessons for someone to learn. I also learned that thinking outside of the box, being unique, and disrupting the status quo were to be corralled.

Now I am not condoning living a life that is lawless or ditching your responsibilities. I am however challenging you to think out side your box. I wonder today how much we miss out on as adults by following the posted signs. We travel through life with such restraint to try new things. We live in boxes sometimes. We live for security. We don’t chew gum. We don’t stand up. We absolutely won’t disrupt our status quo. In fact we fight to protect it.

Now think about some of your hero’s. Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, George Washington, Lincoln….(insert famous rich person here)

What if they were quiet? What if they stayed in their box? What if they never looked into the forbidden realm behind that fence? I believe that many of us possess the same box crushing gifts that these men/women did. We just have to unleash them.

If my friends and I would have followed instructions we might still today not know what was beyond that fence.

I wonder what my generation could do if we looked behind. What is behind the fence that you have built? What’s behind that sign you have posted?

Don’t be afraid to discover you gifts and use them

Thank you and come back.


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