intentionally alive

The Websters definition of intentional- Done deliberately

This morning I woke up in a way similar to most days. I hit snooze several times and then finally conceded to the alarm that it was time to get up. I then began getting ready for the work day. I backed my car out of the driveway closed the garage and began the trek to work. At this point my day had gone as intended.

As I pulled into the parking lot at work a thought came to me. What was my intention as I walked into the business I am employed at? Was it just to exist through today to get home to my nice life? To see my amazing young puppy and wonderful wife. Is all I am to do today is exist? Is that my intention?

Then the thought came to me about being intentional. What if my intention today was to be alive? What if instead of simply existing I am intentional in all I do? Sure at the end of the day my desire is to see the little puppy that still pee’s when he is excited to see me (My wife doesn’t do that anymore) đŸ™‚

What if I intentionally brought life to the organization I work for instead of existing through the day. What if I was intentional in helping those around me? What if I intentionally found ways to bring laughter or inspiration or “insert your gift here”? How much better would my day be to be intentionally alive  instead of intentionally existent? After all we are not promised tomorrow.

the Webster’s definition of alive- alert and active; animated

What if we combined the intentional/alive definitions?

To be done deliberately alert and active; animated.

I am not sure if anyone will read this. My intention in writing this is to prompt me to act.
Hopefully it will do as I intended.

Thank you. Come back for more musings.


One thought on “intentionally alive

  1. Kenny this is awesome!!! Thank you for being intentional and making our culture a better place. The Lord is moving and may 2014 be of great change!!
    Keep up the writing! You are gifted!!

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